Just Announced: State & Sales Tax Deep Dive Webinars

Brann & Isaacson are following up their Feb 21 webinar, “Bad News About Sales Tax: The Tax Man Cometh”, with a three-part series that dig further into the issues, details, and pitfalls your company can face as a commercial mailer.

On February 21, in their webinar, the “Bad News About Sales Tax: The Tax Man Cometh,”  lawyers Martin Eisenstein and Jamie Szal of Brann & Isaacson, the Mailers Hub-recommended law firm, cautioned close to 100 attendees – from direct mail producers and other companies – of the threat of state sales taxes and other taxes pose that they may unknowingly be exposed to.

In response to the numerous questions posed during this session and the concerns raised, Mr. Eisenstein and his team will be following up with a three-part series, “State and Sales Taxes: A Deeper Dive“. Over the course of these three webinars, Brann & Isaacson lawyers will address the aspects of possible tax exposure your company faces, how to minimize these factors, and how to do it BEFORE a state tax agency comes knocking asking for money, or worse yet, an audit.

Did you know NINE states have taken recent enforcement measures – including audits – against direct mail producers, related to in-state direct mail distribution?

Do you know in which states you have nexus
and are liable for sales and income taxes? Do you
know how to obtain exemption certificates? Or when postage is taxable?

This webinar series will be a critical source of information for you and your staff for avoiding the uncomfortable and expensive tax pitfalls waiting for you in the course of conducting your day-to-day business.

Part 1: Thursday, April 20, 2023, 1 PM ET – In this session, we will address the itemization of charges on invoices (into taxable and nontaxable items), as well as terms and conditions and other contractual provisions with your customers. As part of discussing terms and conditions will be the topic of arbitration, and overall the best practices when it comes to setting your terms and conditions.

Part 2: Thursday, April 27, 2023, 1 PM ET – This session will cover the ways to maximize exemptions from tax – whether through satisfying the exemption requirements of the 11 states that do provide exemptions, the taxability, and exemption of postage/shipping; and sourcing issues.

Part 3: Thursday, May 11, 2023, 1 PM ET – The third session will shift the focus from sales taxes to a deeper look at other state taxes to be wary of, including income taxes, gross receipts taxes, and other franchise taxes. (Please note the date of this session has been updated since the initial email was distributed.)

Each session will run approx 60-75 minutes, with time included for Q & A from attendees. Each registration includes all three sessions; sessions not available individually


Mailers Hub Subscribers: $199 first registrant, $169 add’l registrants (within the same organization)

Non-subscribers: $399 first registrant, $349 add’l registrants (within the same organization)

Given the value of the information contained in these webinars and the valuable time dedicated by our advisors at Brann & Isaacson to produce and present them, recording/on-demand access for attendees will be limited following the live sessions. More information to follow regarding on-demand access for those who attend the live sessions.

For those interested in registering for on-demand access only, registration will be available starting May 1, 2023.

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