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How to contact us for help – email us HERE.

Q: I’m trying to click on a menu item, but it keeps collapsing before I can!
A: We are aware of this issue, and have reached out to the theme developer for a fix. For now, a “long mouse click” on the 2nd level menu item, while you slide to the right over the other menu item, seems to do the trick. We hope to hear of a fix soon!

Q: I see webinars and events listed in the sidebar, but the calendar view shows no events.
A: That too is a developer glitch we’re aware of, and have reached out for a solution. In the interim, we are trying to place the more “useful” view of our event calendar where ever possible. If you are unable to find more information on a particular event, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Q: Are my login credentials the same?
A: While your username may be the same, it was not possible to migrate passwords to the new database. Please reset your password when you first log in to the new site. Need help? Contact Michelle.