Postal Hotline

Your business faces questions and challenges around postal and mailing issues daily. The answers aren’t always easy to find – for many reasons – but not having the right information can be VERY costly to you and your customers. How much time and money could you save if you had one reliable, responsive, go-to source for answers to all of your postal and mailing questions?

Having that resource is critical. This is why we created The Hotline – the full team of Mailers Hub experts, easily accessible, most anytime of the day, to answer your questions and help you face your challenges. Easily reached by email or by phone, and you can have an answer to your question within minutes, not days. Whether your question is about mail piece design, permit issues, seamless acceptance, operations, regulation, or beyond, we can help.

Your time is valuable. And having The Hotline at the ready helps you make the most of yours. Included with your Mailers Hub subscription. (All inquiries are checked for active subscription)