About Us

‘Hub – the effective center of an activity, region, or network.a center of activity : focal point…a focus of activity, authority

Founded in October 2016, Mailers Hub began as a discussion over Sunday dinner that started with “Dad, what if you wrote a blog?”

After over 35 years in the Postal Service, Leo Raymond retired and moved on to the second stage in his career, as Director of Postal Relations at the former Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA). In his time there, he got to know many on the “other” (non-USPS) side of the industry and became a part of that – your – community. Along the way, he met and worked with a number of postal personalities, becoming allies and friends, and serving the mailing community continued to grow as something he truly cared about.

Back to dinner. After 15 years at MFSA and all its iterations (AMSP, AMSP/NAPL, Epicomm, and the eventual conclusion with Idealliance), Leo retired — again. At dinner to celebrate shortly after, he asked his kids “what next?”. The idea of enjoying retirement was bandied about (ha), then thoughts about the blog bubbled up. After a day or two, he knew, retired or not, he still cared about this community – and could clearly see the gap left in support for mailers with the essential end of MFSA.

Ideas of a blog become a website. A website becomes the possibility of continuing to speak and offer advice. After all, who was out there now to help the industry? Offering consultation leads to phone calls and “what if?” with some of those other postal personalities. And then, and then.

And Mailers Hub was born. A new organization, but with roots going back decades.

And today we continue with the same dedication to provide the support and resources commercial mail producers — anyone who mails — needs and deserves, for all aspects of their operations and their people. A “Hub.”

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