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Launched in 2016, Mailers Hub is what happens when a great idea, a few conversations between old mailing geeks, and a genuine desire to support and better the mailing industry comes together and gains momentum. The result? A solution is born, developed with an understanding of the needs of mailers, to provide them with a single, solid, and complete resource for the information, support, AND community they need. A place where they can both learn, share, and better their businesses together. A Hub.

Mailers Hub was created to answer the needs of today’s commercial mailers, to provide resources to help them understand and comply with USPS regulations, to improve their operations so they may better serve their customers and improve profitability, and to facilitate collaboration with industry peers and partners. With that in mind, the following array of products and services was developed.

The founders of Mailers Hub understand that. Bringing together decades of experience from virtually all aspects of the industry – USPS operations, USPS Management, commercial mailing operation and management – Mailers Hub was created to be a comprehensive resource AND community for those in the commercial mailing industry. Whether the need is to connect with your industry colleagues, get support in working with the USPS, find help understanding regulation and rate changes, refining and improving operations, or just a steady and reliable information resource to keep you ahead of the competition, the founders of Mailers Hub created it to be just that – a hub for commercial mailers, resources, information and industry to come together in one place.

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Bringing together some of the premier experts in the industry with (many) decades of experience, the people of Mailers Hub not only provide expertise and solutions, but personal attention and dedication while bringing a little personality to postal stuff. Most, if not all, are names you already know and trust.

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Our products and services were developed with decades of insight into what today’s commercial mailer needs, with an understanding of the environment in which the industry operates. Our offerings have been developed to bring you the information you need in the manner you need it, and our subscription has been priced to maximize the value you receive. Learn more about our pricing and subscription services – you may find you can’t afford NOT to join.

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