USPS Praises its Election Mail Performance

In its 2022 Post-Election Analysis, a document released January 9, the Postal Service reported the service it claimed to have provided “ballots [sent] from voters to local boards of elections” between September 6 and December 6, 2022.”

Of the 54.4 million ballots it identified over the period, it claimed to have delivered 98.96% within three days, 99.82% within five days, and 99.93% within seven days, adding it took “less than two days [on] average to deliver completed ballots from voters to election officials.”  The agency stated that it

“… processed, transported, and delivered a total of 105.4 million ballots [in 2022] – 51 million in the primaries and 54.4 million more in the November midterms (and December 6 run-off election in Georgia).”

The USPS added notes in small print:

“The total number of delivered ballots may greatly exceed 105.4 million. … The total number of delivered ballots may greatly exceed 54.4 million. … [Each] figure includes only those ballots that were properly identified as ballots using the correct electronic identifiers and does not include many of the ballots that the Postal Service diverted from its processing network or otherwise handled outside of normal processes in an effort to accelerate delivery.” The Postal Service attributed much of its success to outreach and communication, stating that it made “more than 8,000 points of contact with individual jurisdictions” and distributed its “official Election Mail program kit (KIT 600) to more than 12,000 election officials.”  The agency added that it formed a “Joint Election Mail Task Force with our postal service unions and management associations” and a “permanent Election and Government Mail Services Team” rather then a temporary committee as was convened in past cycles.

Notably, the cover letter was signed by both the PMG and by Amber McReynolds, a member of the Board of Governors who chaired its Election Mail Committee.  With a background as an election official back in Colorado, McReynolds was the ideal choice to oversee the Postal Service’s efforts.

Omitted was anything to detract from the self-congratulation, such as the service for outbound ballots; the total cycle time from election offices and back; how many ballots were delivered after voting deadlines; a description of service for ballots that did not have the “correct electronic identifiers; and the cost of the “extraordinary measures to accelerate delivery of ballots” that local postal managers were “authorized to take” between October 26 and November 29.” The Postal Service has been urged to establish election mail as a distinct product – to enable accurate cost accounting – but so far has shown little interest in doing so.

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