Now Available On-Demand – Tax Deep Dive

On February 21, in their webinar, the “Bad News About Sales Tax: The Tax Man Cometh,”  lawyers Martin Eisenstein and Jamie Szal of Brann & Isaacson, the Mailers Hub-recommended law firm, cautioned close to 100 attendees – from direct mail producers and other companies – of the threat of state sales taxes and other taxes pose that they may unknowingly be exposed to.

In response to the numerous questions posed during this session and the concerns raised, Mr. Eisenstein and his team have followed up with a three-part series, “State and Sales Taxes: A Deeper Dive“. Over the course of these three webinars, Brann & Isaacson lawyers will address the aspects of possible tax exposure your company faces, how to minimize these factors, and how to do it BEFORE a state tax agency comes knocking asking for money, or worse yet, an audit. This webinar series will be a critical source of information for you and your staff to avoid the uncomfortable and expensive tax pitfalls waiting for you in the course of conducting your day-to-day business.

Registration for on-demand access to this three-part series is now available! Discounted rates are available for mulptiple attendees, and Mailers Hub subscribers enjoy additional discounts.

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