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At the National Postal Forum, the USPS Focused on “Informed”
… the PMG’s speech was also interesting for what wasn’t mentioned

Are the USPS’ Labor Agreements Realistic? – Commentary
… simply put: what were the negotiators thinking?

Associations Issue Opinion Piece Critical of USPS/NALC Contract
… three associations offer their own criticisms of the recent agreement

Amazon, Parcel Shippers, NALC Join USPS in Opposing UPS Suit Against PRC
… the issues at had can impact more than UPS’ business

Congressional Budget Office “Scores” Postal Reform Bill
… white smoke from the CBO chimney

Mailhandlers Union Reports USPS Staffing Alert
… the USPS apparently realizes that it needs fewer career workers

Proposed 2018 Federal Budget Has Impacts on USPS
… USPS proposals are just a few of the targets for political argument

April Results: Third Month of Volume and Revenue Declines
… there’s no way to make these numbers look good

USPS seeks dismissal
Parcel volume a different problem in Japan
USPS proposes limit on international FCM
Staying neutral
An end remembered
Full service mail – in and out of service measurement


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