Our Services

Mailers Hub is the affordable mailer service provider solution. Stop paying for what you don’t want, and get the resources you and your staff need to be successful with Mailers Hub.

The following services are included with every subscription.

  • Access to the subscribers-only portion of the website with exclusive content
  • Relevant blog postings on timely postal matters by the Mailers Hub team
  • Issues of our e-newsletter, Mailers Hub News, produced by the editor of MFSA/AMSP’s Postal Points
  • Personalized postal rate charts for your company
  • Access to our resource library of presentations, materials, and references
  • Hotline access to industry experts by email or telephone 
  • Access to our community discussion board (“listserve”) 
  • Free registration to webinars on key postal issues
  • Hotline access to Jackson Lewis for labor and employment law
  • Thirty minutes monthly of free consultation with Mailers Hub experts
  • Subscriber pricing for conferences, training, and consultation
  • Subscriber pricing for our scorecard monitoring service 
  • Reduced rate membership in NAAD

These services are offered to anyone in the industry, but subscribers receive a discount.

  • Expert testimony — support in legal proceedings when mailing expertise is needed
  • Training — on a variety of postal- and mailing-related topics, such as:
    1. DMM basics — the A-to-Z of USPS rules, operations, and logistics
    2. Advanced mailing — a deeper dive into mail preparation, data requirements, postage payments, and more
    3. LEAN — the insights into running a mail production facility with maximum efficiency
    4. Mailer scorecard — how to read, interpret, and apply what the complex scorecard tells you  
    5. Operational workflow and layout — help in organizing your workroom so product and people move efficiently
  •  Scorecard monitoring and advice — another pair of eyes, watching daily reports, without staffing-up on your own
  •  On-line and on-site consulting — dedicated time with one of our experts to discuss your issues in-depth
  •  Presentations — whether for your staff or for your clients, we can provide the information you need