Some observations about Full Service errors – contributed by Tom Glassman


The Postal One user group has a sub group called the Reporting Subgroup that meets every two weeks.  This subgroup works on the Micro Strategy error definitions and report structure, and is currently working on a redesign of the Mailer Scorecard.  This group also has access to the current error reports that drive the assessments reported on the Scorecard.

Below you will find the top .

The number one category currently listed among the errors for the Electronic Verification tab is “By/For”; WHY?  The USPS has provide MSPs with the tools to look up customer CRIDs and MIDs on the Business Customer Gateway.  (If you do not know how to do this please write in and we can help).  They have also provided MLOCR facilities MIDS for jackpotting small runs.  Except for self-promotion I do not understand why mailers continue to enter their MIDs and/or CRIDs as the Mailing Service Provider and those of the Mail Owner.  My suggestion is, as a best practice, let whoever in your office who’s generating the work order or job ticket also complete the customer information by looking up the customer’s CRID.

The second issue that keeps re-occuring is “Barcode Uniqueness” within the electronic documentation (PDR file of the mail.dat).  Your data services department needs to maintain a log of barcode ranges per job (starting number and ending number).  Second, the finished mail.dat pay file should be checked that the range is what is being actually uploaded to PostalOne.  (I have also seen a great many uniqueness errors occur from re-presorting.  You need to establish a process when things need to be redone! )

Last but not least, showing up this month in the top errors is the use of the wrong STID.  Again I ask, WHY?  A number of mailers are using Basic STIDs when their mailings are Full Service or mixed.  The USPS has STID charts that should be hanging in your data department.  This type of error should never happen.  As part of your QC process your data department should be checking this also when they check the barcode ranges.

On March 11, any violations in the eInduction threshold will be assessed utilizing February data.

Currently, the most prevalent eInduction error is a container or skid that’s scanned on the dock and there’s no electronic documentation matching that container barcode.  It is now an Undocumented Container.  This should be another QC check of your data before sending it out to the mail production area.  All the barcodes used with the destination are in the CSM file of the mail.dat.  Did you look at the skid flags and ensure that is what was uploading to Postal One?

The second leading error is a skid being entered further upstream and therefore not qualifying for the discount taken – such as an SCF skid or container deposited at the NDC but claiming the SCF discount.

Number three on the list is the skid or container going to the wrong facility.  OK, so my New England sarcasm is coming out: should we print the destination in Braille?

As mentioned in the beginning, the Reporting Group is currently working on the new visualization of the Mailer Scorecard.  If you would like to attend a group meeting, to learn about the errors of the month or partake in the transformation of the Mailer Scorecard, please email Tom Glassman, the industry lead, at to be added to the attendee list.

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